The American Joint – The Green Twist

In today’s times, when American food is dubbed equivalent to unhealthy food, burgers and fries lovers have limited options. Especially the one who want to be healthy without compromising on their daily dose of food. American Joint is one such place in BKC which has brought up a new initiative of organic food. They serve completely vegetarian food cooked in the most organic manner. In the past, they have conducted various other social drives by celebrating environment day and spreading smiles across the homeless kids.


Their tagline is basically a twitched way of saying “Go Green”. The ambience of this place is quite ordinary and will not come across as something unique. However, their logo and the way of presenting their menu on a tablet is definitely unique.


All those people who feel shy while ordering food, rejoice! Their tabs not only have the option of ordering food but you could also call the waiters through the same. We loved this idea of replacing the generic menu with the tab.

Oreo Shake


Coming to the food, we have been here twice. Unfortunately, we were a bit disappointed by the first experience but their new menu with a completely innovative taste made up for it. Starting with the drinks, we ordered their Watermelon Spritzer, Nutella Cold and our beloved classic Oreo Shake. They do not have a lot of options in drinks and they could still improve them further. The watermelon spritzer was presented in the simplest form but tasted quite refreshing. The soda came across as too strong but the flavour of watermelon made up for it. Coming to the nutella cold, the mountain of cream with sprinkled crumbs had lifted our expectations but the drink was a bit thinner than it should have been. The content of nutella could have been increased and then it would have been spot on. The oreo milkshake, however, was an absolute delight. The balance of cream and oreo was just perfect and rest of the taste was uplifted by the oreo crumbs. We liked this one.

Garlic Mozzarella Bomb Bread

Coming to their starters, we had their Garlic Mozzarella Bomb Bread. This one definitely bowled us over. With a gooey centre full of mozzarella and garlic paste with oregano and a bit of chilli, you cannot have just one. They served it with the marinara sauce and the experience shifted to a pizza from bread. We loved this one and it was one of the best dishes we have had.

Pick The Greek Salad

Since, their tagline emphasized so much on green food, we decided to go for their salad. We were in a fix over it and we finally chose Pick The Greek. This one was full of cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, onions, bell peppers, many other veggies and a lot of feta cheese in a very subtle Greek dressing. High on oregano, this one could have been a lot better.


After this, we tried one of their signatures, Mountain-O-Nachos. This one beats up all the other nachos. They have a mixture of sour cream and cheese which give a very thick consistency to the taste of the spread over the nachos. They are loaded with beans, olives and all sorts of veggies, making it a star dish. This was one of those nachos, which we actually felt were healthy.

Previously, we had also tried their Mac and Tikka. The fusion of Indian and Italian in this one goes down really well. One could have never imagined that macaroni could taste so good with tikka gravy. We had loved this dish as well. After, the changes in their menu, they have carried forward some of their best dishes and we are glad that this one made the cut.

Broiling Garlic Paneer Burger

Since it is an American Joint, it would be a sin to not try their burger. They had a very interesting Broiled Garlic Paneer Burger. They served this one with their classic fries and we realised that their fries had improved a lot since our previous visit. The burger was not to everyone’s taste. The paste of burnt garlic and a little burnt paneer made for a delicious patty with the rich vegetables inside the extremely soft bun. The taste, is a bit different than the usual ones but some might really enjoy this one too. Their Veggidillas are a delight too. The filling is very healthy and the taste of beans and sour cream with the softness of the roti is just apt in this one.

Ferrero Nutella Mousse

We finally came to their desserts which were definitely the best part here. Their signature Coffee and Donuts are not like any other combo. They are made in a completely different way. The centres of donuts are covered in powdered sugar and are to be dunked into a mixture of coffee and chocolate. The balls absorb the sweetness of the mixture and melt into your mouth. You would definitely visit them again just for this one. Next was their Ferrero Nutella Mousse. In usual cases, it is either the nutella or the ferrero which overpowers the other one. However, in this dish, the essence as well as the balance of both was just perfect. The mousse had a chocolatey taste of nutella at first and the crunch of ferrero with hazelnut towards the end.  We loved this one too.

Coffee and Donuts

Unfortunately, we could not try their waffles and pancakes but they too have been known to receive a lot of applaud from fellow customers. This place is a happy reminder of all our favourite dishes put together and twisted to give out a much better version of the same. A bit of improvement, here and there could definitely do wonders for them.

Recommended Dishes: Mac and Tikka, Bhaji Fries, Mountain-O-Nachos, Garlic Mozzarella Bomb Bread, Coffee and Donuts, Ferrero Nutella Mousse

Personal Favourites: Garlic Mozzarella Bomb Bread, Ferrero Nutella Mousse, Mountain-O-Nachos, Oreo Milkshake

Ambience: 7.5/10

Food: 8/10

Drinks: 7/10

Value for money: 8/10

Service: 8/10

Overall: 7.5/10

Address: First Floor, Capital Building, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai

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